GummyImages Frequently Asked Questions


1 - How do I make my images private? They are showing up under explore and search.

- Create an account then create an album. You can set the images you upload there as private only, private with link, or password protected. Note that all non-private images can be seen by the public.

2 - How can I remove an image as a guest?

- Unfortunately guest don't have many privileges. If you want to remove an image you uploaded as a guest, please use the contact page.

3 -How long will my images be stored?

- Any image uploaded will remain on the sever indefinitely.

4 -Is it ok if I upload nudity?

- No nudity or sexual explicit content is allowed.

5 - Why can't I share my image on Facebook?

- Unfortunately, we do not know either. Our domain is currently blocked from Facebook and we are in the processing of resolving this issue but it may take some time.

6 - Why can't I follow a user?

- Make sure your profile is not set to private.

7 - My images are gone! What happened?

- There are only 2 reasons why your images would be gone. It broke our terms of service, or we received a DMCA notice to take down the image.

8 - Why did my anti virus go off when viewing your site?

- It was probably one of the advertisements. All our ads are safe and non-disruptive. If any ads are giving you trouble, please contact us immediately and we will take care of it.

9 - Is it safe to use this site as storage and backup for my photos?

- We create a backup of our site every day You can rest assure that your photos are safe. However, there may be cases where we may restore from a backup in which case some images uploaded within 24 hours may be lost. It's a good idea to have a 2nd means to protect your photos.

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